13 Google Maps Tricks You Should Know

13 Google Maps Tricks You Should Know

Friends, today we will talk about Google Map, Yes, that same Google Map shows the way to those who forget, and they say, “Do not forget that if you come home in the morning, do not forget that Google Map is pleased” Sometimes we are going somewhere unknowable but if we do not know the way, Google Map shows us the path, and we know where and where the traffic jam has been located, this and so much more Tells But, even in front of us, we do not pay attention. The company is also bringing in new features. So let’s know about 13 tricks of Google Map, which makes it easier for you to find ways of life.

13 Google Maps Tricks You Should Know
Google Maps Tricks You Should Know

13 Google Maps Tricks You Should Know:

1. If you have a habit of forgetting your parking location, you can save the location by manually ping it in Google Map. It detects your parking location. After parking the car, click on Blue Dot and select “Save Your Parking” option. And you can also talk to Google Assistant to save the parking location.

2. You can also set multiple locations in it, that means if you want to leave your school on the way and you have to go to your office from there, you can add Multiple Stops to Google Map. For this, you set the Direction A point to B point and click on 3 Horizontal Dots in Right Corner and select Add Stop option. You can take as many stops as you want.

3. You can also create your own Google Map, this feature is very good. When you have to go somewhere then you can share your plan with your friends too. You can create a custom map in it and any information you want for it will be found in “My Map”. To create your own map, open Google in your computer and sign in to your Google Account and follow the tutorial.

4. You can also do voice commands in it so that your driving will be safe. For this, you can click on the Microphone icon and say your command. As soon as you say “Mute”, the voice will stop or the “Show my ETA” will tell you when you arrive.

5. Many times it happens that if we do not remember the way to a place or hotel many times, we can do custom Lebel on it. It will remove the pain of typing every time and save it. For this, search the location and add a long press on the screen to add. And after clicking Save Lebel Assign.

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6. You can also use the Offline Google Map in it. For this, you can download a section of Google Map and you can use it as a GPS in any of your old phones. And when it is connected to WiFi, Downloaded Map will be automatically updated.

7. Now after downloading the Google Map, you can also set your default address, such as a home or office address, and you will also be able to report it to the outside of the traffic when you are in the office.

8. You can also send your location to your friends, suppose you are somewhere unknowable and you are calling your friend there, with the help of “Location Sharing”, he can find you.

9. In it you can also search the hotel or shop, that is, you can find it, or as if it is believed that if your bike’s gas is lost in the middle, then you can find any nearby petrol pump.

10. You can zoom in one hand with it as if we are looking for a way and if you can not see properly due to mobile in one hand then now you can double click with one hand and zoom in and zoom out

11. You can also see Timings from Train or Bus in it. When you are searching for a place, you can also see the time of the Transportation Vehicle involved in it, that is, how much time can we get by using it quickly.

12. Google Map keeps track of your movements that means that wherever you go, the Movements of Google Map keeps track, if you do not remember the name of a location and you have already visited it in Google Map You get the option of “Timeline” in which you see your visited place and also find out which routes or turns you have done.

13. You can also make money by becoming a Local Guide in it, this program is available to you from Google. You can sign up here and you can update the details of the Missing Shops and Business Information around you. You can review the hotel you are visiting, and also add photos to Platform. And this will get you Reward from Google.

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Updated: March 1, 2019 — 2:09 pm

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