Amd Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx 32 Core CPU Review

Amd Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx 32 Core CPU Review


It was early 2017, Intel thought this year would be very simple for them in connection with a traditional desktop and high-end release of them. Intel introduced the seventh generation core family, which provides customers with the same architecture, the process is slightly better and the CPU clock speed is slightly higher, which is called it one day. Do not they know that their opponent, AMD, will do the epic back only a few months and when they do, our worst fears remain Intel.

Although it is estimated that Ryzen will receive a major consumer platform, the next generation of Intel processor equivalent to the Indian Penal Code provides, it is that Threadripper Press, which is expected, including anyone. A full line of high-end desktop processors designed to deal with the Intel Core X line While the new Zen centers offer equivalent CPU performance with Intel’s modern core architecture, the Ryzen Threadripper AMD platform and X399 with, for enthusiasts, offers built-in features that are not available with outstanding value.

Amd Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx 32 Core CPU Review
Amd Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx 32 Core CPU 

After one year, AMD will launch the second generation Résidence Threadroper Processor. Similarly, the second generation of the processor Ryzhen Threadripper market once again is interrupted with the performance of animals with unprecedented values that have never been seen.

On the consumer forum, we have seen that with the largest number of cores. On one hand, AMD HEDT is now a grand scheme of things and the stage is the culmination of excitement and workstation performance. Some features of the new platform are listed below:

1. 12 nm LP process technology

– Threadripper of the first generation Ryzen and Generation 1 LPP 14L technology (Low Power Plus) produced by GLOBALFOUNDRIES, while the second generation process Jane + microarchitecture GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12nm LP (Lead Display) produced by Ryzen Threadripper, has adopted the process technology. The same power consumption is more than the first generation Threadripper, AMD, because it can be consuming less power than the first generation Threadripper for the same hour is interesting.

2. Precision Boost 2

– The technique of “Precision Boost” was adopted by the 1st generation and generation Ryzen 1 Threadripper, the number of hours of operation is determined by the zodiac nucleus, but this time CPU voltage, current, core. It has been redesigned to detect temperature and select suitable operating hours. As a result, in spite of the number of cores being loaded, synchronize according to the situation.

3. XFR2 (Extended Frequency Range 2)

~ ‘The temperature conditions allow the CPU,’ XFR ‘to operate in the higher precision 2 generation increases in a higher clock, and as the precision increases 2, the number of cores is limited to the cooling system Depending on the CPU’s performance, 7%

4. Reduction of access delay of cache and main memory: 

For the first generation use less Threadripper cache and main memory delay. Up to 13% up L1, up to 34% with L2, L3 to 11% in main memory, to calculate instruction (CPI instruction per hour) with a clock 3 Increased up to%, resulting in up to improvement. 

For this review, I will try specifically in ASRock X399, a variety of motherboards including Ryzen Threadripper AMD 2990X FATAL1TY professional game, Taichi Taichi X399M, and X399.

AMD X399 HEDT Chipset – Continual Support for Second Generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs

The X399 AMD is designed for the next generation of AMD Desktop platform and the first high-end enthusiasts and hungry users of power. This is a brand new platform that brings new technologies and features which I’ve never seen on the high-end platform for a while. To begin with the description, the X399 platform is similar to AMD’s last EPYC server platform.
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AMD chips support features for Ryzen Threadripper where the best known AMD clients using HEDT 5%, known as the same monolithic SP3 Socket, Tropic Race 4 and many PCIe lanes we had to wait for the server platform.

This platform is designed in such a way that not only for HEDT consumers but also for the workstation community. In terms of features, the X399 socket now supports 32 cores and 64 threads, and there is no doubt that we will get more.

It can support chips up to 250W TDP and provide users with 64 full PCI lines. This means that for the first time, we have a platform that can handle full graphics card at full native x16 link speed.

It marks an important and win-win revolution for AMD. Also, there are 8 lines PCIe PCH support NVMe and NVMe RAID memory quad channel, SATA ports 12 and 14 USB interfaces 3. The only competition in the market for X399 is X299 and honestly, X399 is a leader in the specifications and raw characteristics.

After one year, we made several new, specially designed for second-generation HEDT processors. We have seen the MSI MEG X399 Design and Eras X399 Extreme, so we can also expect other products from the remaining manufacturers. For existing motherboards, partners have released a new BIOS firmware that supports them.
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The HEDT TR4 (LGA 4094) Socket – Supports All Ryzen Threadripper Processors

AMD TR 4 socket is similar to SP3 and server which was transferred to HEDT market. It is a monolithic design with 40 9 4 pins in the LGA (Land Grid Array) design and in fact, the animals are visible.

Cooler Compatibility With The TR4 Socket

Since the socket has not changed, so all the coolers that were previously compatible with the Threadrror CPU will work well with the second generation of Threadroper chip. However, many chillers will be available from many manufacturers because the WX series has TDP of up to 250W. They require better heat transfer and cooling solutions, and I will test my sample chip with different samples and water cooling solution.

Initially, only nine supporters offered Tropic Race 4 to take their refrigerator, but now the list has been expanded and many coolers could easily find Tropic Race 4 manufacturers. The following is a list of chillers manufacturers that offer TR4 products:

  • Noctua
  • Enermax
  • Swiftech
  • Raijintek
  • BeQuiet!
  • Liqtech
  • DeepCool
  • Arctic
  • Cooler Master
  • Corsair
  • Cryorig
  • EVGA
  • Fractal Design
  • NZXT
  • Thermaltake

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