cloud computing basics

cloud computing: cloud computing basics

In this article we will talk about Hosting and cloud computing.


There not a big difference between hosting and cloud computing but can’t seem similar, each of hosting and cloud computing provide Service settings and deliver a lot of the same results.

What is Web Hosting cloud computing

Is a type of web hosting service that provides the user with access to his site through the world wide web, Web hosting enables users to create and store a website with your web hosting provider.

Hosting your website, you need a company that gives you hosting provider service

Web hosts provide servers to enable your site to be used by users and to simplify them more. Servers are the computers that provide web pages.

It works by storing data that connects your website with the web pages.

availability of Web hosting service:

  • Web hosting service
  • Software as a service
  • Shared web hosting service
  • One-click hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Dedicated hosting service

What is cloud computing

Cloud computing are common sets of computer system resources that are high-level and can be delivered quickly, often on the Internet cloud computing relies on sharing resources to shrink the size, Cloud computing can support remote web hosting and cloud services can also connect servers to suppliers through wireless networks or IP networks.

Some users say computer computing allows businesses to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure.

Some supporters of cloud computing enable enterprises to access and configure their applications faster, with improved management and reduced maintenance, and IT teams are able to modify resources more and more quickly to meet unexpected demands.

Cloud computing often uses pay-as-you-go technology as a right way.

availability of Cloud computing services:

  • hardware virtualization
  • service-oriented architecture
  • autonomic
  • utility computing

Advantages of cloud computing hosting

Advantages of cloud computing hosting its advantages in saving IT costs are available to make money with capital expenditure storage also run by cloud computing, you can as a user to provide high capital with internal server congestion.

Infrastructure needs include associated operating costs to make advantages of cloud computing hosting and also energy and management costs.

You have to pay for what you use and you can also disconnect whenever you want and there is no IT capital for fear.

There are some misconceptions that only large companies can afford to use the cloud, while cloud services are actually affordable to small businesses.

Have you ever heard of a managed service system, with this latest cloud computing more reliable than the IT infrastructure.

Some service level agreement service providers that are able to obtain a huge amount may benefit from IT resources for make higher advantages of cloud computing hosting. If the server does not work, applications can move to any of the available servers.

Cloud computing offers sophisticated and simplified capabilities to capture information technology through centralized resource management.

The service provider is able to hold the service provider make good advantages of cloud computing hosting, also you as a user can access the programs, applications and services without having to install.

Increased computing resources allow you to compete advantage, in this time period you need to buy IT may be nonexistent.

Your company can publish important applications that bring good business interest and high, without any prepaid and low-cost allocations.

Through computing you can forget about technology and focus only on your business and can help you save time to market new applications and services.

Best cloud computing service providing in Nepal

Have you ever heard of knowledge of cloud computing, ITN has been recognized over the years as the best excellent enterprise.

Do not overlook this because ITN is the ideal guide for cloud computing training in Nepal.

Cloud computing alerts you to storing all data, software, and access to applications anywhere on your Internet connection.

Cloud computing has recently increased but because of its characteristics characterized by high-quality networks and their appropriate price.

From time to time, information technology evolves dramatically, and many IT services are growing in Nepal.

Online business is growing and now cloud services are gaining heavily.

It is often difficult for small platforms to find the hosting services that fit them. In this time Ali Cloud, or Alibaba Cloud is now the best In Nepal.

Alibaba cloud it’s a famous company from Chinese and its good option for your business it offers a lot of services.

Another best cloud computing services in Nepal, Cloud Himalaya is the grand center Tier-3 in Nepal, as it is easy to absorb the public and private sector data for the Next five years.

Important business data has become a necessary need for enterprises in Nepal. As demand for professional solutions grows, Cloud Himalaya remains the common slogan in Nepal, despite having an ISO 27001: 2013 Certified.

Top five best hosting company Nepal

Top 5 Best Website hosting, Jan 2019:

World Link: WorldLink is the best company Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal and one of the most popular prominent IT companies.

WorldLink was established in September 1995 to provide Internet and IT services by its Executive Director, Dileep Agrawal, and to provide e-mail and distribution services via the Internet dial-up link in the United States.

WebHost Nepal: Web Hosting Nepal one of the best hosting company in Nepal Provides users with a variety of services to help ensure user satisfaction and is therefore based in Nepal and its focus on hosting reform for people in this country or in neighboring countries.

Himalayan Host: In 2007 the company highlighted its strength Himalayan Host Pvt, in creating web hosting.

With the use of advanced technologies and up-to-date company notes, interesting schemes are offering share web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS cloud, and Windows web hosting. Dedicated server and domain registration in Nepal.

I-Tech Nepal: Is different from the rest of the extensions as a safe, fast and reliable for small, medium and medium enterprises.

Having deceived ITECH.HOST to host an unsuitable and well-functioning business for other companies offering bad services it has sought to create its brand better and become focused on service and customer support.

eHosting Server: eHosting Server provide for his user’s cheapest web hosting and unlimited in Nepal, and she provide Web Development Service, Domain Registration, App Development, SEO and all other IT service.

                             cloud computing Service Providers

Intel® Cloud Computing


Alibaba Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing Aws







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