Google Pixel 3 Rumors: You Need To Know

Google Pixel 3 Rumors: You Need To Know

In recent years Google has dubbed the smartphone market, but the company has not faced serious challenges for Samsung or Apple. It can change with pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl.

Google Pixel 3 Rumors: You Need To Know
Google Pixel 3 Rumors: You Need To Know

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have attracted attention with the best cameras and easy access to Google assistants. In fact, Pixel 2 is simply our best-rated smartphone camera. But pixel 2 XL, in particular, experienced some quality control problems and errors during some launch, and so on.

In the past, Google trusted external providers to help make your smartphone a reality. But after getting the HTC HTC device last year, Google now has its own hardware division. And Google Pixel 3, which will be launched in 2018, will be the first high-end phone to come out of marriage.

For now, Google does not say anything about Pixel 3’s plans but this does not prevent estimation and initial reports. All the rumors about Google Pixel 3 are given here

Latest News (updated on August 10)

The filtered image clearly showed that 3 x pixels were not included and it was suggested that the phone would include a set of USB-C headset that looked like Google’s pixel tune.

Release date and availability

Google will once again point to the release of October 4 for Pixel 3. This YouTube conclusion is according to Brandon Lee, who posted the material on this Is Today Today channel. Lee received a list of pixel 3 on Google’s Fetish marketing platform, a service company that joined content creator.

It seems Google is looking for a court. Canadian creators are interested in switching to Pixel 3 to add their experience to the audience. In this publication, Google explicitly shares that Pixel 3 will be released on October 4.

This is not the first time that the launch date of October is related to mobile phones – Bloomberg reported earlier this year. Once again, Verizon is considered to be a special operator of mobile phones, although unlock models will be available again. According to the report by Fuel, Foxconn will be responsible for manufacturing.

Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3

In March, Google Pixel Rumors 3: You Need To Know also claimed that Google had planned to launch in October. Last year, Google launched the second Pixel 2 and Pixel XL on October 4 and started selling it on October 19th. The launch window offers a decent buffer to Google from the September release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Design: Note for XL

In June, a wide set of leaks from Onlex and MyMartPris showed pixels 3 and pixel 3 xl from all angles. In pixel 3, the 5.4-inch screen resembles the pixel 2 size, which means that you can expect a small bezel. The 3 largest XL pixels shown are indentation which looks smaller than the iPhone X.

With 6.2 x 3 x 0.31 inches, it has been said that 3 x pixel dimensions are similar to pixel 2 xl, but the aspect ratio of the screen can be 19: 9.

The design decision was confirmed by another leak, this time the pixel 3XL image by Dr. XDA Published by a person named Gurus. The images, which clearly appear to be mobile phone versions of White, show a bigger screen on front and bezel. Behind the cell phone, there is a single lens camera with a fingerprint sensor located in the middle of the cell phone. The two-tone designs seen in pixels in the past are not clear here, perhaps due to the changes in the new cell phone, there is a complete glass design that adds a matte finish around the camera with a matte finish.

And now we have a production-ready pixel 3 xl which is not in the box of a Ukrainian blogger. Show originally published photos on telegrams and later phones with a curved screen as explained by other sources, marked by AndyPollis. We also see in the box, where the most interesting things are a pair of USB-C headphones that are similar to Google’s pixel tune.

What we know about the design of pixel 3 comes from two sources: the Bloomberg report recently, which tells additional pictures of Google’s smartphone plans and prototype devices that appeared on XDed developers in June.

According to Bloomberg, the larger pixel 3 XL will add edge and edge design, while Pixel 3 will not be. According to the reports, this notch will be compressed but more than the iPhone X. This will give XL a stereo speaker, as well as smaller models and the date of each pixel. According to Bloomberg, both third-generation devices will have two front cameras, but only one lens will be on the back.

Meanwhile, in XDA, the platform publishes a device showing such images as a pixel with such a notch screen, dual front and rear camera that is done by pixel 2. Other than metal content If you are made of, then you look closer, there is really no speed between shiny and matte parts, which leads to speculation that the whole surface is actually glass.
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Although there is source available for these images, the XDA prototype is aligned with the 3x pixel description in the Bloomberg report. In addition, a new rumor, owned by famous Icewear Twitter, It shows the exact same cell phone in a transparent blue TPU case. In this picture, 3 pixel XL also shows a unique back camera and two front cameras located in the notch.

Bloomberg’s report was indicated to some extent in May, in which there was a pair of elbow screensavers that appeared with webos and slashlicks. This panel can illustrate the difference between pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl. If Google decides to follow this route, it will follow the example set by the pixel 2 range, where both devices offer a very different design, even though the internal hardware is almost identical.

Pixel 3 is likely to be more visible, the new features of Android 9 pie are starting to get new attention, which is now available for pixel phones. When Android detects the police that the next Google OS is in beta, the new version redesigned the status bar to show up to four notifications; In the meantime, the clock changes to the left corner of the status bar, so that the room is left in the middle of the footprint.

Wireless Charging: First Pixel

According to XDA Developers, the new code in the latest Android P beta tells the functions that can be connected to wireless charging. The report mentions services called “Dreamliner” which are not related to any Android package produced by Google, and often appear with a change in battery status in beta software.

This is the reason that, with the photos of the previous photos rather than a lifeless material, with pixel 3 XL filtered, the speculation is that Google will further extend the wireless charging support. According to the report, Google is currently testing the “Dreamliner” internally, so this is the last time we can see it.

9to5The new report on Google finds reference to something called Pixel Stand in the latest version of Google Apps. It is believed that a wireless charging accessory has been developed for the new pixel phone. It is also possible to include a Google assistant so that you can ask about calendar appointments and other information, even if your phone is locked.

Possible third pixels in work

According to a report on Droid Life, Google is working on three new pixel devices for this year. The device, which was discovered in the leaked source code last year, was named “Crosshatch”, “Bluefin Tuna” and “Blueline”.

Two phones will be considered a “premium” device, and the third device will come in the “high-end” category, the source of Dodid Life said. However, at this time it is not known what the difference is and what the characteristics can mean.

We know that at least, the pixel brand will continue. Google employees working on the Android open source project recently referred to the device as “pixel 3” in registry changes in the operating system framework. This mention was discovered by XDA developers and is associated with the increase in cellular connectivity for new models. It is not clear that the change specifically reflects all the rumored pixel 3 versions, the most premium or the least cost option.

Pixel Alignment A historical value has been made to compete with flagship models like Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone, but rumors say that Google is working on affordable options for emerging markets.

The lowest price company of Pixel 3, which can be marketed as a part of Android’s initiative, ensures the storage Android experience and two years to improve the software out of the box. According to the Economic Times in India, this device can be launched in India in July or August. It is not clear how the device will look or if Google is planning to launch the device at low prices in America. UU

Software: Inside Android P

The new Android 9 pie will ship with a new pixel phone of this fall, but it has already been released in Google Pixel. Some highlights include new energy-saving features and digital health facilities so that you can give a more complete idea of their use so that you can be more present in the real world.

But the biggest improvement is with the interface. Android pies support signals via a new start button. Like the iPhone X, you can see open applications to slide upside down from the bottom of the screen, but also see the Google search bar and the applications that are used most often in the same view. Swipe again and you will see an app menu with spin. The new predicted action will present useful shortcuts, such as navigating at home or calling favorite contacts through Google Maps.

It is too early to say whether Google is planning to identify such advanced 3D face or in the form of references to new forms of biometric authentication in the Iris scan form. However, the presence of a double front camera in both the pixel 3 prototype only adds fuel to the speculation regarding the function.

At least, a history of Android Police in February said that the company could be more readily prepared for an upcoming version of Android to integrate custom authentication method manufacturer. That’s why it does not make much sense that there are 3 pixels in particular, though as we approach the collapse of the devices, we have to face Google whether the ID of the iPhone X or how to react to a Can be a better idea.

Camera: Double lens in front

The Bloomberg Report Pixel 3 model shows two camera lenses on both of them, while the back lenses will remain single. We know this about pixel 3 cameras, but it is safe to expect an increase.

In recent years, almost all manufacturers of premium smartphones have chosen their devices in the market around the capabilities of their cameras. The difference in the case of pixels is that Google actually has a game to support these great claims. After all, in our photo shoots between pixel 2 XL, iPhone X, and Galaxy S9, Google’s cell phone came to the top.

Since Samsung and Apple are improving their smartphone cameras this year, responsibility will be to provide a number of improvements with Google lie.

Performance: snapdragon 845 on board

Probably not surprising, Google plans to combine Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with the next generation of mobile phones. Chip is expected to reach the highest-end phone this year.

What we do not know is the amount of RAM or storage that Google will offer. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL currently come with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB or 128 GB storage option. But we want to see XL models from the flatness of 3 pixels, which is up to 6 GB of RAM standard, as has S9 + with Samsung Galaxy.

Updated: March 1, 2019 — 2:09 pm

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