How to Protect Your Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

How to Protect Your Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

Did you know that your AdSense account is in danger? Yes, this silly April is not fun or nothing like a joke; This is true because many bloggers who experience heavy invalid activity on their AdSense account are breathing for many days.

How to Protect Your Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?
Protect Your Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks

You may also experience that the number of clicks is higher than expected income, especially from some countries, due to the smooth click on the US but not the money, the CPC is between those countries between $ 0.01 and $ 0.04 That’s a very high cost per click that clearly shows that clicks on your ad are not realistic.

Many bloggers are lost their Adsense ads in the last few days due to this illegal activity or for other reasons.

Jack Johnson lost his 10-year AdSense account. (Blogger)

A few days ago, Theodos was slapped by Adsense. (Blogger)

And due to lack of knowledge also, it is highly recommended that you make no mistake and keep your AdSense account safe and secure.

How do I know where invalid clicks come from?

It is possible that many of you already know about this, but others do not, so let me tell you which ads you click on your AdSense advertisement surprisingly. To find out, just follow the steps below …

1. Enter your AdSense account.

2. Click Summary (overview) of this month.

3. Select today’s date from the upper right corner.

4. Now click on the country from the left sidebar.

5. Now review carefully. Click in front of each country’s name.

If it detects the country where the click was clicked, but the CPC is too low, it means that your Adsense ad is in danger.

How do you protect your Adsense account?

See if you get unusual clicks on your ad, first, try to find IP clicker and if you find the IP correctly, then stop them from showing only ads so they can not see your ad No type click on your ad

If you can not get an IP address from which is done, then the best way to keep your Adsense account is to stop showing ads on your site at least once at a certain point, because if you have some time For your ads on display on your site/day, you may lose some dollars, but if you can not avoid it, then you can lose your AdSense forever, any blog Seems very bitter.
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Sometimes it seems that CPC is good and clicks come in a large number (more than expected), but this is also an invalid click.

1 and CPC: $ 2.0 is also another person who does not allow invalid clicks by Google, to understand this better, but if someone clicks on your ad, Google will give you that click Due to that, clicks mean $ 2.0 for anything, for a click, your statistics will now show the click: 10 and CPC: $ 0.20 She also looks good and in general, we think it’s okay Gar CPC is good, but as an example, it is not always good.

Then, if you feel abnormal, then increase it. Clicking on ads will have to tell Google about it to keep the side strong.

Click the bombardment / general question for invalid click

I lost my AdSense account due to invalid activity in my account, what should I do?
When Google Adsense pulls, it is always a reason to mention, you should make sure that it will not happen again in the future and then you can complete the appeals form provided by Google by claiming your Adsense account, but this opinion Do it To go through the hasty appeal form, you must first be careful about the digits mentioned in your email.

I fill out an appeal form, will I recover the Adsense?
Well, no one can say yes to this question, it all depends on Google, if they know that you have done good business with them in the past, then hopefully you will recover your ads, but I Not sure for whom yet

I filled the appeal form but I did not answer, what should I do?
You can not do anything for this, we can do everything we can to complete the appeal form, Google will respond after taking your time, sometimes it takes 2 to 3 days to answer.

When I applied for an appeal form for ‘Appeal form’, then they refused again, now what?
It’s tragic, but! If you are not, then even after refusing to return your Adsense
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After a lot of effort, Google did not give me back to Adsense, what to do now?

In this annoying situation, you have another way to earn revenue from your blog. If you do not want to go, you can think of another idea, that is, create another blog and then apply for that new blog for AdSense and when you get AdSense, you can add AdSense Adsense You can use the account. New and old

I think this article is a little helpful for you, take care of your AdSense account, and help others to do this by sharing.

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Updated: March 1, 2019 — 2:09 pm

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